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The Power Dynamics of Success

How to be more successful, earn more money and enjoy life

Brought to You by Derek Arden and Graham Jones

Graham Jones and Derek Arden

At last Graham Jones, the Internet Psychologist, sales expert and university lecturer, and

Derek Arden the UK’s Number One Negotiation Speaker, negotiation expert and inspirational leader have got together for a one-day exclusive masterclass that will dramatically improve your business. Graham and Derek are two of the UK’s leading experts on the art and science of presenting, selling, influencing and negotiating – both face to face and on the Internet.Graham and Derek are award-winning speakers, prolific authors and business consultants. Both are at the top of their respected fields and have just moved on from Chairman and CEO of the Professional Speaking Association increasing the membership by 243%. Now they are going to share their secrets of what they have learnt over a combined 67 years as practitioners.

Join us on 16 May 2019

Attention anyone who has to speak to an audience, pitch to clients, persuade their boss, make more money the easy way, negotiate their fees or salary and influence their way through business and life.  Here is your chance in just one day in London to learn and refresh all the skills; expertise and wisdom that you need to make the results you get rock.The benefits of attending this exclusive day will be:

  • checkincreased sales
  • checkdecreased costs
  • checkimproved relationships
  • checkbetter staff retention
  • checkmore time
  • checkhigher quality of life

You will get free material worth over £500 simply by attending. Not only will you get Graham and Derek’s  expertise, energy and wisdom you will get copies of their books, DVD, programmes, audios and exclusive entry to their platinum programmes.You might be asking yourself; what are the seven secrets to success? On 16 May 2019 these secrets will be revealed. Imagine what it will be like travelling home afterwards knowing that you have those secrets and your competitor’s don’t..!

Derek Arden speaking

Derek sharing his wisdom to 400 delegates on a one-day exclusive masterclass in in Europe

Graham Jones speaking

Graham leading a discussion at a conference in Latvia

Can you imagine what you will learn?

  • checkHow to make more money
  • checkHow to save more money
  • checkHow to have more time
  • checkHow to sell like the professionals
  • checkHow to identify and sell your USPs 
  • checkHow use a newsletter instead of a brochure
  • checkHow to create passive income 
  • checkHow to isolate what makes you remarkable
  • checkHow to respond to the toughest questions 
  • checkHow to turn questions to a win-win
  • checkHow to make your goals work for you
  • checkHow to speed-read
  • checkHow to negotiate the best deals possible
  • checkHow to manage conflict
  • checkHow to publish a book and why 
  • checkHow to write a book quickly and easily
  • checkHow to market your book
  • checkHow to sell books as a value proposition
  • checkHow to make clients think they’re the best
  • checkHow to create original online content daily
  • checkHow to negotiate for growth
  • checkHow to read body language
  • checkHow to mind-map
  • checkHow to access your unconscious mind

And there’s more…

You’ll also discover:

  • checkFive things your website must do to make you money
  • checkThe five social media platforms that will make you more money
  • checkThe seven influencing strategies to persuade people to do what you want
  • checkFive steps to amazing networking
  • checkThe seven killer interview questions
  • checkWhy smart goals don’t work
  • check6 steps to time and energy management skills
  • checkThe 17-minute secrets to time management


The first FIVE people to sign up will be entered into a free prize draw for a year’s membership to Derek and Graham’s mega mentoring inner circle.

No punches pulled…

Neither Derek nor Graham are in the premiership of speakers – the people who command massive fees due to their TV shows. Graham and Derek are top of the championship of people who are visiting speakers at business schools because of their hands-on business skills rather than any academic qualifications. Both are successful business people in different walks of life. Graham a visiting university lecturer, a conference organiser, a chief executive, and a prolific author. Derek a Financial services director, a charity Chairman, Chairman of a not for profit association and some who has saved charities and not for profits many millions of pounds

Make sure you don’t miss this exclusive masterclass

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